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This Site Is No Longer Active


Much has changed since this website was active. It’s great for some basic information, but be forewarned the more instructive articles are outdated.

I originally began this site years ago to chronicle my online entrepreneurship adventures. It turned into an experiment where I learned a lot about different online platforms, social media, technology and the online mentality. This helped my writing and led to other arenas in which I could apply my newly learned skills, like website design.


What I Talk About Here:

Do What You Love (motivation & inspiration)

How To Start A Business

How To Build A Website (still great for basic knowledge)

Online Business Ideas (cool ideas & success stories to get you going)

Product Development

Time Management

Quick Money Help  (Today, there’s a lot more available online options. Telecommuting jobs are a lot more common.)

Website Traffic & Customers includes:

SEO Strategy  (still good basic info)

Social Media Strategy


Honest Researched Information

(When I wrote this, there were a lot more scammers/spammers online.) Relax in knowing that no spam or scams are permitted on this site. All of my content that either stems from my own experience or from experts, is dated and contains sourcing links that you can trace. 


But Remember: I’m no Expert So Follow This advice

(Disclaimer) I’m simply chronicling my experiences and proposing ideas, products or techniques that work for me and that are, to my best of knowledge, scam-free. You may not have the same results.


I Do Occasionally Recommend Products Or Sell My Own

(Another no-nonsense disclaimer) I recommend products I truly thought were beneficial for me and probably for someone like me. I did this as an affiliate for products I had tried and liked or that come highly recommended by a trusted, experienced source. 


Quality Help, Honesty, Positivity and Integrity

(My mantra as I worked on this site….as I work on anything.)

If you want to find out more about me, then read on…or head back to the home page and start learning. That’ s why you’re here, after all!


Now About ME…

Hi! I’m Louise Mandar and I’m a freelance writer, bossy wife, frazzled mother, and struggling pack leader to my Jack Russell Terrier mix, Juno. (See picture below. Isn’t he cute?? I am a Dog Whisperer fan and used many of Cesar’s techniques. The results are pretty good… another blog!)


Wanting the Sweet Life”  

(Sweet Life was part of my branding at the time) My husband enjoys his career and I enjoy freelancing, but we still want to experience more in life. We want to build a cushy nest and lifestyle that will allow us to live to the fullest. As you already know, the internet has broken many invisible walls and served us up a whole new platter of tasty opportunities.  I’m going to grab mine!


My Mission 

To build myself a Sweet Life doing what I love and on the way inspiring and helping others to do the same.

about page start a internet business

more branding :)

So, please explore, enjoy and don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletter.


Sit Juno. Good Boy!

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