8 Steps On How To Write A Blog Post Fast ~ Infographic


writing contentWhen you finally launch your very own blog, you’ll have to learn how to write a blog post fast. Because to keep visitors coming back to your site, you need to post relevant content and you need to do it frequently.


Think about it. Do you hang-around or return to a website that only displays products with sales pitch and nothing else? Unless it updates its products often, there’s no reason to return. At least not until you’re ready to buy something, if ever. And even then, with all of the distractions to pull you away, you may forget about  where you saw the product in the first place.


The Benefits Of Blog Writing Frequently


Therefore, writing content often that interests your visitors will entice them to keep coming back to your website. Having visitors  returning and hanging around could result for you and your site in some extra benefits like:


  • better Google rankings,


  • opportunity to get to know your visitors,


  • exposing yourself (your expertise, I mean!),


  • increased traffic,


  • lots more social media sharing,


  • lots of comments,


  • more conversions like optins and sales,

  • customer trust and loyalty,


and more, as one thing affects another and snowballs into a better and stronger online presence.


It’s Better To Work Fast


The problem is writing content for your blog can be difficult and very time consuming!


Now if you’re already rolling in the big bucks, you might hire others to do this for you. But if you’re like many of us who want to forgo the spending, you’ll do the writing yourself. So, you’ll need to learn how to write a blog post fast so that you can publish relevant and current content, frequently. Otherwise, you’ll either spend too much time writing and not enough on other parts of your business or overwhelmed, you’ll give up writing content entirely.


I found this infographic on writing quick posts for you blog in 8 steps and I thought it captured efficient blog writing, splendidly.

I do follow this process myself, but am still working on perfecting Step 3 & Step 4.  Since, I’m still refining this blog and what I want to communicate to my readers, I never seem to plan more than a week ahead of schedule! I really should take more time to sit down and plan a lot further down to road.


And there’s Step 5. I actually do this, but a little differently. Instead of starting at the end, I write a temporary title, which resembles a tweet or an elevator speech of the main point I want to communicate in the post/article.  Then once I am done writing the whole post, I shorten my temporary title and if possible include a keyword.


But enough about me! Check out this infographic 8 Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts. Jot down the steps or print the whole infographic out. Take it from me, it’s a wonderful guide on how to write a blog.


8 secrets to writing faster blog posts

by j6design.Browse more infographics.


Writing relevant and current content for your site can suck-up a lot of your time. But, once you’ve adopted a system like the one above and mastered how to write a blog post, you’ll start to work fast. Not only will this free-up some of your time that may be needed elsewhere in your business (or outside of it), but like chip and dip, it will also keep your visitors and customers coming back for more. What entrepreneur doesn’t want that?

So, how about you? What are your challenges in updating your blog with content? Do you have a different kind of system or trick that helps you write content quickly?



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8 Responses to 8 Steps On How To Write A Blog Post Fast ~ Infographic

  1. Hi Louise

    Yes we can have the best plans in the world but sometimes keeping ourselves on track is the hardest.

    I like to know what I have to do everyday but lately I have had too many distractions – but I will get there. I have to.

    To YOUR success


  2. Hi Sue,
    I find I’m at my worst when I have no plan. It’s in my nature; I like to “go with the flow”. But that free kind of spirit needs to be balanced with some scheduling and planning. If I don’t have a plan, I go off in all kinds of directions. Can be fun, but I don’t get a lot done!!! Likewise, I can get lost in researching and writing. So the above plan works well for me.

    I would suggest to step back and look at what’s really working for you and put most of your effort in that. Once you have that down pat, then you start adding more into the mix. To YOUR success as well!

  3. Hi Louise,
    I love infographics and the tips here are timeless for whatever task that needs to be done. I will need to employ these tips more. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    Do you know we follow each other on Twitter?
    Glad you found this infographic helpful. I love the visual aspect of infographics. We read so much in one day…
    Thanks for the visit!!

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  6. Thanks for this great visual tool. I found it great to hang near my desk for simple reminders so I don’t forget those time consuming problems I tend to run into!

  7. Glad to help Carly!

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