Add Video On Your Website To Create Sticky Quality Content

video on websiteAs you proceed with your website, you’ll begin to tire of simply always writing posts. You’ll want to shake things up not just for your sake, but for your audience as well. One option is to add video on your website as content, what is also referred to as video marketing.


Video use for online content has skyrocketed and has remained popular for a few years now. So, I have found tons of useful material to rifle through while exploring how to make my own videos.


I thought I’d share my findings with you and help you on your own website building and content creation journey. When you see the benefits and how easy it is to imbed videos in your posts, you’ll want to start adding video to your website too.


Is adding video on your website really beneficial?

As you have probably already experienced for yourself, there are some definite benefits to embedding video in content of a business blog or website:


#1  It’s visual, it’s interesting, it’s different. It’s just more entertaining!


#2  A personal touch. If you make your own videos, your audience can now get to know you to some extent. It adds authenticity and a basis for trust-building with visitors to your site. Plus, having your voice or image on your video adds a unique touch to your site and offer that no one else can duplicate. That’s “stand-out” power.


#3  Perfect for “How-To’s”. Sometimes it’s the best way to communicate something like how to use certain software.  In those cases, a video is more useful to your audience.


#4  Great for marketing. Videos are great tools in helping you teach visitors about your product or service. As an example, I’m imagining an artist/painter creating a video like this: starting the video with music while displaying 3 of her paintings;  switching to the artist talking about a memorable past painting experience like her first gallery show for a few minutes.


#5  Search engine love.  Google for instance, loves great content, especially the kind that makes your visitors stick around your site longer and buy things! This kind of action will get you ranked higher in search engine results for your keywords. When you add video, you are creating what Google considers relevant quality content. Considering its influence, adding video should be part of your SEO strategy.


#6  Popular. People and social media love to share videos. In fact, most social media make it easy to share videos. Google loves sharing as well, so the more shares you get the better ranking it gives back. Of  course, how many shares you get depends on the quality of your video.


#7  More conversions (more sales)! Kissmetrics looked at different online businesses and found an increase in conversion rate at Stacks and Stacks of 144% and twice as long visiting times and double the number of pages visited at Advance Auto Parts after viewing videos on their sites. Remember I said that Google likes this kind of activity? Not only can your profits improve, but so can your rankings.


Where to get videos

Assuming since you’re reading this that you haven’t begun producing your own videos yet (like me), then you’ll want to embed videos from video sharing websites. These sites let you grab the code for the video and use it on your site. But don’t worry, I’ll explain how to do this further down. The important thing is to note where you can grab videos legally.


Here are 6 top video sharing sites:



  Youtube!online video marketing



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    MetaCafeseo strategy



video marketing


A new favorite for me. I also found this video, which eerily resembles the artist example I mentioned above in the video benefits section, point #4.  I swear, I found this after I came up wit that example!


Alia Penner, Artist Extraordinaire, for by wiredset



add video

    Yahoo! Videos




video marketing online




How to embed video on your site:

You have two options: #1 if you actually created your own website and are dealing with html (most won’t use this option). #2 if you use a blogging/website plaftorm like WordPress.



Instructions to follow if you are adding to a website you or a designer created with html code:


Option #2 (exactly what I did on this post)

If you are embedding a video into your WordPress site or other blogging platform:


Don’t forget Video SEO

You can easily embed video in your website’s posts and pages, but that doesn’t mean Google will find them and rank them. For the most part Google can only recognize text information. Google explains this here:


In general, however, search engines are text based. This means that in order to be crawled and indexed, your content needs to be in text format.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t include rich media content such as Flash, Silverlight, or videos on your site; it just means that any content you embed in these files should also be available in text format or it won’t be accessible to search engines. The examples below focus on the most common types of non-text content, but the guidelines are similar for any other types: Provide text equivalents for all non-text files.

Googlebot cannot crawl the content of video files, so it’s important that you provide information about videos you include. Consider creating a transcript of the video you want to include, or provide a detailed description of the video inside your HTML. If you have video content, you can host it on Google Video, YouTube, or a number of other video hosting providers. Searchers can view Google Video or YouTube videos directly from the Google search results page.


So, adding text to your video is an important step to getting search engines and the browsers who use them to find your content.


Here are 6 video optimization steps to help you get the most bang for your video efforts:


#1  Add some text

Add some text as I did in this post that either complements the video or explains it. Many website owners will often provide a written transcript of the audio content within the video. Just make sure whatever text you include is relevant to the video.


#2 Optimize your title

If you are making your own video, you can optimize your title by using a descriptive title that hopefully uses a relevant keyword or two. Also use the same title for your post as that of your video.


#3  Post on both Youtube and your site

Again, when creating your own videos, make sure to upload them to a sharing site like Youtube and to your website.


#4 Video branding

When creating a video, make sure to include your website/blog url (address), by selecting “add a textbox” feature when editing your video. You can also display your company logo on the screen. Don’t go overboard with this.


#5 Add important description information

If uploading your video on Youtube or some other video sharing site, always add a description that includes the URL you want to drive traffic to, and a short summary of your video with the same keywords as your title, if possible.


#6  Use keywords

Like anything else you publish online, use keywords in your video description, your title, and your tags.



Adding and embedding video on your website to create quality content, what many consider video marketing, is nothing new. And having been around for a while  means there are lots of software and developed practices around to help you implement this new strategy quite easily. Yay!!! I love easy :)


So, do you use video already? Has it impacted your traffic and ranking? Do you have other tips in using video can you suggest?


sources: hl=en&answer=72746


top photo credit: Tea Tree Vintage via photo pin cc



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