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Are You Dishing Out Nutri-Licious Information?


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As entrepreneurs starting online, it can be challenging generating the type of content needed to produce a high quality blog. I’m always striving to provide my readers with information that will both help  and entertain them. Not easily done, let me tell you.


But in my digging for golden nuggets, I did find a short but sweet video that related information to food. And before, you click that back button, hear me out. You may just be in for a tasty treat when you see how relating information with food can not only help you next time you are writing an article, but also with building a blog jam-packed with relevant information that your readers will want to devour.


The idea of relating information to food as a business approach came to me as I watched a bite-sized (eight minute) TEDTalks video of JP. Rangaswami and his insight on how we treat information like food.  In it, he shows clearly and humorously the relationship between the two products and asks some very profound questions. Watch it now…come on! It’s only eight minutes and he’s a great speaker! Come on…have a bite…



Let me repeat his parting question: “If you began to think of all the information that you consume the way you think of food, what would you do differently?”


Rangaswami poses this question from the consumer’s perspective of what kind of information you are feeding your brain.


But being that we’re entrepreneurs, I would like to spin the lazy Susan a full 180° and ask it again from the producer’s perspective: “If you began to think of all the information you produce and how people consume it the way they consume food, what would you do differently?”


writing an articleWhat would you dish out?


As Rangaswami points out – and hey this is not news – we are smack dab in the middle of the information age. It’s coming at us from all angles and dimensions and, like an itch, is impossible to ignore. Soon, we’ll all have nano-chips inserted in our bodies at birth and be able to Google 24/7. (Ok. Slight exaggeration, but I’m sure a laboratory somewhere is playing around with this!)


Information is power, but sometimes we just get overwhelmed. We unplug ourselves from the information highway that’s become congested, noisy and time consuming. Congested with information and products and people; noisy with everyone trying to get a word in edgewise; and time consuming with trying to navigate, listen to, apply, juggle, and organize it all.


It’s. Just. Too. Much.


So what do we do? We delete unread emails, we unsubscribe for our subscriptions, we turn-off the TV, we don’t always check our hotmail, and we don’t always login to Facebook.  We start to turn it off.  Said another way, we get turned-off.


This conscious filtering of incoming information poses a certain challenge for entrepreneurs – producers – like you and me who aim to get noticed.  We can’t help but ask ourselves as we delete unread emails from our own inbox, “How do I  stop my readers from deleting my emails, or worse, from unsubscribing (eeeeek!) from my list?”


And the answer is: by creating something so tasty and nutritious it feeds not only their brains, but their desires, hopes and dreams.


Yes, that’s a tall order, alright! But if you watched the above video, you’ll recall that Rangaswami brought-up an interesting and important point that information just like food can lead to disease and toxicity, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, people need to adjust their information diet so that they remain healthy and balanced. 


People are already doing this when they click on ‘delete’.


How are you going to create nutritious information and products so that you don’t become just another delete statistic?


relevant informationI still remember one summer during university when I worked in the office of the Elora Music Festival. Performers from England dropped in with traditional English scones.


I had eaten scone knock-offs from doughnut shops previously, but nothing prepared me for the jolt I received when I finally ate the real thing. That first bite into the soft buttery scone with the sweet and lip-smacking strawberry jam and the Devon clotted cream all melting in my mouth instantly transported me into the heart the English countryside, with rolling green hills, quaint cottages, roaming sheep and wild ponies…OK. I’m milking it a bit, but the point is many, many, and many years later, I not only still remember the awe I felt biting into that tasty scone, but also where I was, what I was doing, and how I reacted. That moment is stamped in my brain and on my timeline!


And that’s how you and I as entrepreneurs are NOT going to get deleted. We’ll find our way into our audience’s hearts by not just providing information, but relevant information; by not just providing products or service, but superb products and services; by not just providing a blog, but a high quality blog; and by not just writing an article, but a useful information-packed article.


For example, in providing nutri-licious information, you have to add some spice (some cool images or graphics), some natural ingredients (the problem and the solution you are writing about), some unique flavors (your uniqueness or your theme), some old-time favourites (written information or videos, whichever they prefer), and some nutrition (really useful information that takes your reader and you both one step closer towards your goals) and then bring them together, in separate portions (posts or email) or all blended and married together (book) as you would in a mouthwatering dish.


Of course, you’ll have to figure out the magic recipe just right for both your market and your business and that will take time. But before you start writing an article and  posting to your blog, decide on what kind of information you are going to serve.


  • Will it be day-old doughnuts from the shelves or fresh out of the oven Krispy Kremes?


  • Pasta sauce in a jar or grandma’s tomato-rich homemade recipe?


  • Every day run-of-the-mill information or relevant information that feeds your readers so well and makes them feel so wholesome, they’ll remember you and move your emails to their favourites folder, not delete them?


Decide and commit to providing quality nutritious information whether on your blog, or anywhere else, for that matter. Then strive to make it happen. From that point on, every time you post, ask yourself “is this a boxed macaroni and cheese or a roasted red pepper and basil pesto penne, topped with tender grilled chicken and freshly grated Parmesan?” If your answer is the one that meets both your market and your business’s needs, then your well on you’re way to running a high quality blog.


high quality blog



What about you…Do you agree that the quality of information you provide your readers is crucial? And what’s one step you take to ensure that you’re dishing out irresistible information?



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11 Responses to Run A High Quality Blog, Dish Out Nutri-Licious Information

  1. Great post Louise. I agree the quality of information on our blogs needs to be creative, original, and interesting. One of the hardest things for me was to not try and pack too much information into one post.

  2. No, it certainly doesn’t help to feed readers with too much information. I struggle with that still; finding a happy balance. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Fantastic article, Louise! Gave me lots of “food for thought”! (pun intended) 😉

  4. Oh good! Then my goal to make it yummy worked!

  5. Great post. I totally know what it is like to get overwhelmed with information.

  6. Thank you Stephanie! Yes, if we’re online then we know what info overload feels like! We certainly don’t want to do that to our audience.

  7. this is a brilliant post Louise, absolutely love it! and a great illustration that less is more and that quality is always better than quantity.

  8. Thanks Karen, I’m so happy you enjoyed the message!

  9. […] product or service to your readers in exchange for their email address.  Make certain that what you offer is quality. Otherwise they’ll either unsubscribe from your list or never read your emails. Neither will […]

  10. I love the analogy. And I wish I could create the gourmet blog post every time. But on some days, I’m just not that creative — I just want to tell a story or get a message out there or I’m rushed for time. Just like creating a wonderful meal usually takes more preparation time than the frozen dinner, the time and effort in writing a meaty, delicious-nutritious blog post takes more time and effort — and sometimes the frozen dinner blog post is just fine. Definitely something to think about.

  11. Thanks Trina. You do make a great point. You don’t have to serve a superb entree every time, but whether it’s a meal or a snack, you want your readers to say, that was good. That’s more where the analogy is coming from.