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how to get unstuck

Ok. So you started a business or a blog. Maybe you started creating a product. And you were amazed at how well things were rolling. Maybe you garnered lots of activity on your site, in the form of traffic and comments.  Maybe you made some sales. Or maybe you started creating your own product. You watched with mixed amazement and excitement at how your efforts paid off. It seemed like everything was lining-up perfectly for you to reach your business goals and dreams.


And then all of a sudden, your momentum stopped.  You try half-heartedly to keep the machinery of your business going, but in reality, you feel stuck. It’s as though your passion has dried up like a raisin. Eeeeek!


First off, stop panicking!


Stalling after some momentum is quite common. In fact, writers and artists each have their own name for it: writer’s block or creative block, respectively.


How to find your passion

Writers have taken it a step further, especially when referring to a common fear: the middle of a book or article when the excitement of the first few chapters or pages has faded and now they have to produce – with passion, nonetheless –  the middle of the story that will keep the reader entertained and forever reading until she reaches the glorious end.


Not surprisingly, writers start to dread the middle and they’ll refer to it in all sorts of creative ways such as, the Sagging Middle Syndrome, Middle of the Novel Mud, the Mushy Middle, and The Doldrums. Even Ernest Hemingway must have suffered some ‘middle’ anxiety as he has stated that his greatest fear was a blank page.


But why bring up writers when talking business? Well your business is to you what a book is to a writer. It’s your creation. It takes creative juices to plan and grow an online business, to create and run a blog or website, to write and send engaging emails, and to plan and implement sales funnels.


The problem is, that just like Ernest Hemingway and other writers, you’ve hit the dreaded blank page or middle. The passion you experienced in the beginning has now fizzled out.


For many starting their online business, this dwindling supply of passion occurs due to loss of focus. After all, you are working away at building something of great value to others that will bring you success, which includes additional demands, not necessarily part of your passion, such as learning a brain-full of new technical skills and applying and synchronizing multiple platforms to work together. It’s not surprising that in the midst of it all, you’ve lost some focus.  


How to get unstuck


So, how to keep your business alive? The strategy to getting unstuck is to find your focus again by finding your purpose and re-igniting your passion. Find that spark of excitement and joy that got you started on this business journey in the first place. And you know what? The good news is it’s not very difficult to do. It involves asking yourself one question:




Why do you want to realize this goal, whether it’s growing your business or creating a product. Whatever it is, why do you want to do it?


What is your ‘Why’?


For example:


  • Maybe like Amanda Hocking, you want to entertain people doing what you love, which in her case is writing.

  • In Christina Platt’s case, she wants to provide handmade dolls made from top quality materials and designed to celebrate and foster childhood innocence.

  • In my case, I want to help women find and start an online business that will support the lifestyle they want.


Now, it’s your turn.


  • Get a piece of paper and jot down all the reasons why you started in the first place. You can do this for your overall business or any part of it, including products or business goals.


  • Do the reasons still excite you? If not, maybe you need to modify them; When the reasons feel right and exciting, write them down with flourish and post them in your work space where you can remind and re-ignite your passion whenever you need a quick fix.


  • If you really feel impassioned, dive in and take it a step further. Get visual by creating a vision board online. Shanda Sumpter from Heart Core Women suggested using Pinterest for this exact purpose (which at the same time can bring you traffic).


  • Prefer digging in with your hands? You could do a collage, a painting, a wind chime to hang in your office. You can really get creative with this and set your passion on fire. Talk about getting unstuck; what could stop someone who’s passion is on fire? Just remember to place your passion creation where you can see it and drink it in when you start losing your focus.



how to keep your business alive


It doesn’t matter how you ‘answer your why’. And the more personal the better. The key to getting unstuck is to re-connect with that spark, and get back into the game. When you do, you’ll not only find a boost to your energy levels, but you’ll have your focus back and start ‘creating’ instead of ‘doing’. Creating sounds like tons more fun, don’t you think?


How about you? Do you ever run out of steam? How do you get back into the fun and excitement of your business? Join the discussion and feel free to leave your WHY in the comments.


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10 Responses to Getting Unstuck and Loving Your Business Again

  1. Great Blog thanks Louise

  2. Great advice Louise. I always pull out vision binder I made. It’s a great reminder of my why.

  3. Thank Claire! :)

  4. Love that idea Jean. Thanks!

  5. Hmmmm… I love doing arts and crafts… I feel my creative juices flowing!!! Think it’s time to visually recreate my why! Thanks for the inspiration, Louise! :)

  6. You’re very welcome. Have fun!!!

  7. Great ideas Louise. We can get so busy that we feel disconnected from the “why”.

  8. Thanks Carol!

  9. Louise – this is a simple and logical concept, however it really speaks to how we “feel” which is where the real power is. After developing sales leaders for many years I have learned that it is the emotion in what we do (or buy) that drives us and not logic (which we think drives us).

  10. Ah, but that’s the whole thing about returning to the ‘why’, it reconnects you to your inspiration, your passion and there’s a lot of emotion in that! Powerful emotion that will keep you creating your dream. In other words, I totally agree!! Thanks for your feedback!