How IMs and Freelance Writers Can Adopt Earth Ways

So it’s Earth Day today. What are you doing to help our planet? As an internet marketer or a freelance writer (of which I am both), you can do many things to start some new green habits. Here are a few:

Recycle your paper. If you work at home, recycle that paper by throwing it in the recycle bin. You can also flip it over and print on the blank side, use it to take notes or phone messages before tossing it in the bin. And if you have kids, they can use the blank side for drawing and homework. For outside the home office workers, you can use the same above techniques. But, should your work not have a recycling policy, then find out how you can start one; you’ll be the office hero.

Unplug. A whopping 40% of energy used in your household is due to plugged-in equipment and appliances. You can reduce this amount significantly by unplugging those items that don’t require any power when not in use. So don’t unplug your fridge! Get a power bar and bundle your electronics  and turn the switch off at night. If you run PC back-ups after midnight, you can schedule for morning back-ups instead, while you eat breakfast.

Recycle Your Hardware. Find out where in your community you can recycle your cell phones, TVs, PCs, printers. This is a very local practice, so you may have to dig. You can also ask vendors when you’re shopping for new stuff if they will take you old equipment; today, many of the larger stores do.

Don’t print. As an internet marketer or freelance writer, you can spend many, many hours researching. Refrain from printing your findings. Keep digital documents instead. Also, try emailing customer and employer documents, such as bills and invoices. Explain to them why and most likely they will agree. Besides, it will save you  posting charges and the time to go out and mail it. Become a paperless office or worker, and don’t forget to back-up!

Get Some Fresh Air. Nothing provides better balance to a hectic life than going outside and connecting with nature. On your break or before you leave for work (even if your desk is downstairs) go for a walk. If you have a pet, commit to talking it for a stroll every day, rain or shine. You’ll both benefit. And while you are out there, take a deep breath, smell the flowers, absorb the color and the sun’s warmth. You will start to appreciate your natural surroundings and want to take care of it.

Go See An Earth Day Movie. Every year, some awe inspiring earth-loving movie is released on Earth Day. This year’s is Disney’s Oceans (check out the trailer below), all about the world that exists in that wet substance that covers 75% of our planet. If you have kids bring them along or go rent another earthy movie such as Wall-E.

If you are new to being green, then go easy and pick one strategy above or something of your own that will benefit the planet, either by creating awareness, inspiration or by directly minimize its abuse. And if you’re like me, always looking for a new way to be green, then by all means, do it all!

So? What is your new green strategy or strategies going to be?

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