Spring Update – New Business Mission Statement and Other Changes


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Well, it’s been a while since my fingers have graced the white posting space of this blog!

For all you quick readers who have noticed the lack of posting lately, don’t worry. I didn’t abandon my quest to help new online entrepreneurs. Quite the contrary! I’ve been undergoing some heavy-duty training and re-vamping my business accordingly; that is, fine-tuning my business plan and strategies around my brand new business mission statement:

To build myself a Sweet Life doing what I love (writing & teaching) while inspiring and empowering others to do the same.

Why the Change?

  • I wasn’t meeting my profit and traffic goals
  • changes online force me to refine my business strategies
  • wanting more online business training – I love to know everything
  • more knowledge means more fine-tuning and  more focusing
  • looking for fun ways to market that match my personality and business
  • both my site and I needed some balance!

What Kind of Training?

I’ll talk about this more on future posts, but mostly I’m training in product creation and marketing and in new and unique traffic techniques.

Some Of The Upcoming Changes?

love what you doA Bit of Unintentional Branding: First off, you’ll see some of these images around. I didn’t specifically set-out to do some branding. It sort of just happened, naturally.

Better Posts:  With more training and experience, you’ll read better quality and frequent content on topics that are relevant and helpful to you the beginner online entrepreneur.

the sweet lifeNew eNewsletter: I will also be launching an e-newsletter to stand-out from the hoards of internet marketers who send out emails daily or more selling you stuff. You know the emails I’m talking about. They have some markety headline and when you open them, you jump right into a sales letter for either a list-building freebie or the latest business-saving product. Now, there’s nothing wrong with these emails once in a while, but every day?

My aim is to send out helpful or entertaining information once or twice a week with content that actually helps you the reader. I will still send some sales letters out once in a while, when I come across some quality products. But the goal is always to be helpful to you and stand out from the hoarding marketing crowd.

Social Media Upgrade: I will also be adding a FB fan page and Pinterest account as all new and current businesses should (hint, hint!), where you will be able to follow me and see what I’m up to  without actually coming to this site. But I hope you still will!

Better Products: Likewise, soon I will be offering some new high quality products of my own. As always, I’ll recommend others I use and find to be of great use and quality.

New Keyword Matched Categories? That change is still in question as I’m not sure of the repercussions involved. But if you use my categories menu, you might see some changes there too as I tighten the SEO on this site. I have a new keyword tool baby(SECockpit by Swiss Marketing). I’ll report on the effectiveness and efficiency of this tool in the near future. So far, I’m very impressed!

So, there’s most of what I’ve been up to these past few months.  Experimenting, studying, analyzing, basically getting more experienced so that I can excel and in turn pass it on to you, my sweet readers.


What do you think? Do you step back once in a while and improve? Leave a comment below…



Love what you do!

Sweet Life

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