5 Marketing Lessons From McDonald’s You Can Use Today


McDonalds marketing tips for small businessSo many times I swore to never eat fast food again, then a few days later after watching a commercial for McDonald’s, I find myself reciting my order at the McDonald’s drive-thru. It isn’t because their food is so amazingly delicious that I eat there, it’s usually because the commercial appeals to me and convinces me that the few minutes it takes to go and grab a burger is well worth it.  That convincing commercial is just one example of many of McDonald’s different marketing strategies that reel in the customers.  So let’s go over a few to see how this behemoth of a company has stayed in business successfully all of these years.
If you go to different McDonald’s establishments, you will notice that they all have a similar feel. Although they use a franchise model so different people can own their own McDonald’s, almost restaurant is the same. From the color schemes, the wrappers, the way they prepare the food, they are all similar to one another. This even applies to McDonald’s in other countries. Of course the language will be different and might have a slight change to the menu, but you will still get that familiar feeling when you eat there. No matter where you are, when you see those glorious golden arches up ahead, you know exactly what to expect, making your decision much easier when debating where to eat.

In Your Business… Implementing this into your business should prove to help people come back. If you continually change everything around, people won’t know what to expect on their next visit. It’s understandable to try new things in order to attract new customers,  and then see what fares better. But keeping a familiar feeling to your business will make people come back to you if they need your type of service again.


Know your Customers

McDonald’s is always looking for customer feedback to understand what exactly they want. They conduct surveys, promote customer feedback calls, and even have an online review site where people can go to make suggestions. They then use that information to make their products more appealing to customers.  For example, they started adding lots of healthier items so that their menu would appeal to a growing health conscious society. Without communicating to customers and examining their feedback, there would be no way to improve products for customers.  So make sure to take the time and reach out.
In Your Business…There are many ways you can connect with your customer base. With all of the different social media sites, review sites, and other online websites, you should have no problems getting in touch with what your customers feel about your products or services. You can even pay professional companies to conduct surveys and get reviews for you to use so that you can improve your business.


Understand the Cycles of Your Products or Services

When I say cycles, I am talking about how long it is until your customer needs your service again and also how well your services do. If you come out with a new product that does really well, but then drops in sales a few weeks later, you know that the life cycle of that particular product would only be a few weeks. So you could plan ahead and only have that certain product available for a limited time, making it more appealing at the same time as profiting the most that you can. McDonald’s shows us this with multiple different food items, they will bring it out for a limited time and make a big deal about it, so everyone is interested in trying it before it’s gone. Remember the Shamrock Shake?
In Your Business… Another cycle to examine is how long before your customer will need your business again. McDonald’s doesn’t really have to worry about this since everyone eats multiple times a day. But most businesses should really examine this. By understanding this, you could promote them to come back with a special of some kind. For example, a lot of auto repair shops will give you deals if you come back to them for your next oil change, because they know every few months, you will need this service done.


Examine Your Competition

McDonald’s understands every single aspect of their competitors. From which products they offer, how their customers like these products, their marketing strategies, and much more. By keeping an eye on their competitors, they know what they are doing and what is working for them. Any and all businesses will have some competition.  It doesn’t matter what industry they are in.
In Your Business… By really understanding what your competitors do, you can learn how they are successful, learn from their mistakes, get ideas on how to improve your own business, and can anticipate their next move. It is essential to research your competitors.


Build a Great Brand

McDonald’s has worked for years and years to build what they have today, and by no means were they successful overnight. They have thrived for decades, and now everyone knows who McDonald’s is and what they are selling. All this has to do with them continually promoting their brand. With commercials, events, sponsorship and so many other ways, they have one of the best images that could possibly be created. Although we already spoke about consistency earlier, it’s a great topic to include when talking about their brand because after so many years of being consistent, they have made a similar impression to every single person that has ever eaten their food.
In Your Business… Think of ways you can create a brand presence for your business. How can your business, in dealing with customers, consistently create the same impression with every single person? And what strategies can you apply that will consistently let everyone know about your business and what you offer? Apply these strategies and you are well on your way to building your brand!
No one can deny that McDonald’s has amazing marketing strategies, and although most of us don’t have anywhere near the budget that they do, we can all learn and implement some of their marketing tips on our own businesses. Hopefully these few marketing lessons will help get your business headed in the right direction.

Here are a few links that will give you more information on marketing tips and strategies from McDonald’s if you are still interested in learning more from them.


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