5 Tips for Starting Your Own Home Based Business


It’s no surprise with a stifling economy and narrow job market that many of us are  driven  to start our own home-based business. Of course, many of these are internet-based businesses, allowing the owner to work from home with lower overhead costs needed for production and distribution.


Getting started takes initiative, an idea, a marketing plan and some capital — staying in business and turning profit is another story! There’s no guarantee that any at-home internet business will be successful, but here are 5 tips that you can use to sustain your business and build a platform for growth.


1. Your website’s first impression

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When potential clients visit a business’s website, it’s vital for them to see a professional-looking webpage. Sites that are overcrowded with images, misspelled words, or grammar errors will lower the credibility and professionalism of a business. Likewise, sites with tons of ads or a variety-pack of differing information and goals will only confuse visitors who will gladly bounce to another one with a clearer purpose and customer centered values.


Design is only one aspect of your website, it’s functionality is important tool; using a reliable, professional web hosting company, that doesn’t experience a high level of down time will only help guarantee the success of your home internet business .


Finding a good webhosting company shouldn’t worry you. There are many out there. Visit review sites like web hosting choice.com (which is updated regularly) or ask peers for recommendations to pinpoint the top webhosting that can help make your website look and function on a professional level. Or you can read my previous post on this, How To Host A Website, for more insight.


In addition to providing reliable internet hosting, a good web host will assist you in boosting your site’s professionalism.  Their compatibility will allow your designers (or you!) to set-up pages, categories, and a shopping cart to provide customers with an easy and satisfying shopping experience. Once you’ve chosen a web host that works for you and you have a web page that sends out a good first impression, you’re well on your way to converting visitors into clients.


2. Social media marketing

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Social media marketing helps a new business keep marketing costs down while attracting attention and helping to build a customer base. Various types of social media, such as website blogs, email newsletters, Facebook business pages and Twitter, can help entrepreneurs promote business tactics on a potentially global basis.


Social media platforms also provide a wonderful venue to network with others in your industry and to build both business partnerships and vendor relationships.


3. Delegate and outsource

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Sometimes it’s best to leave certain tasks to the experts; a business owner who’s not savvy with social media or building traffic can lose a lot of time that would be better spent on marketing and selling – the reason you’re in business! 


Luckily you can delegate the job to one of the many qualified freelancers online.  For instance, to drive traffic to your website, you could hire a writer who’s knowledgeable in the implementation of SEO keywords.


That said, you’ll still want to familiarize yourself with the basics of marketing online, so that you know how to better delegate various tasks, as well as how to use each effectively in your business.


4. Become an expert

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To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important for a new business owner to become knowledgeable about the particular niche she’s in. In fact, becoming one of the niche experts can make your business “the go-to company” for your services or products. So to become an expert, spend some of your time researching, following current industry news and staying ahead of the trend to build a reputation of solid expertise.


5. Plan, reflect and adjust

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Sadly, goals are rarely met accidentally; reaching them usually requires:

  1. planning,
  2. reflection,
  3. and adjustment.

If you make these three habits a regular practice, you will achieve goals and learn to work smarter. And you’ll have built a pretty solid business.


Using these suggestions in starting your own home-based business will help you become more organized (we all want that) and provide a positive environment where your company can grow. As you progress through the first weeks and months, pay attention to what works, and what doesn’t and make the appropriate adjustments to your business model. Change is instrumental in starting a new business on the course toward success and maintaining capital growth. 


So how about you? Do you incorporate all of these approaches into your internet business? Which do you find most challenging? Let’s chat. I  love hearing from you.



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16 Responses to 5 Tips for Starting Your Own Home Based Business

  1. Very good article

    With the ever increasing cost and hassle of just getting to work, there is no better time to start working from home.

    If you are self motivated, do a lot of homework on your business area and set yourself achievable tasks on a regular basis, there is no reason why anyone cannot start a new business from home.

  2. Great tips. Especially love the 3 things to turn into a habit: planning, reflection, and adjustment. So simple, but very effective in moving us forward.

  3. Thanks Christine! Yes without #3, you could end up not moving forward at all.

  4. I love the internet. It certainly levels the playing field for everyone. In the traditional sense, it’s a lot easier to start a business.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Thanks for helpful and concise information.


  6. You’re welcome! thanks for the feedback.

  7. Great article. Concise, but packed with good information. Thank you!

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