5 Internet Marketing Tips To Get You Unstuck

internet-marketing-tipsDon’t waste all your time and frustration on technical snags, like these two!  Be proactive and set a plan in place on how to deal with the technical issues you run into in your every day internet marketing duties.


A very funny video!

You may have seen this video already. It has over 4 million hits. But thought I would share it here, because it encapsulates in a very sweet and funny way what beginner (lets be real here also not-so-beginner) internet marketers struggle with on an almost daily basis. Technical difficulties and getting technical savvy.


Despite what your mother (and maybe some episodes of TV’s Highway to Heaven)  said, you DO have to keep up with the Joneses. You know the Joneses – those guys with the smart phone, ipads, Skype accounts, tablets, Facebook & Twitter pages, and every new technical gadget and application on the market.

Let’s face it, the Joneses represent a big chunk of our population. If you want to reach them with your message, you have to tech-up baby! And teching-up means struggling at times like our dynamic duo in the video, without a quick-fix from your spouse, friends or Google.

The good news is there are tools online that can be very helpful. So look at this list next time you get stuck with some glitchy plugin or learning a new software.


5 Internet Marketing Tips To Get You Unstuck

1)Tutorials: When using anything new such as plugins, software or any online service and there’s a tutorial, do it! Take the 10 – 15 minutes and run through some of the tutorials. This should also be one of the first things you do when you run into a glitch.

2)Support section: Initially, you should also check the support section. Sometimes you can do a search by entering a keyword. If you’re lucky, the support information will be categorized to help you along. Quite often, products or services will have a support team you can email. But be prepared to wait a day or two for a reply. At times, I’ve waited much longer and usually resolved the issue on my own.

3)Support Forums: If tutorials and FAQs fail and there’s no support desk, go to the software’s or the service’s support forum. For instance, WordPress has a forum just for WordPress users at www.wordpress.org/support. If you are on WordPress and like to improve your website, make sure to register there. The forum pulled me out of deep water a few times. So, if you install or buy any piece of software, check to see if they have support and a forum. These can save you a lot of grief and time!

4)Forums: If the product support fails, internet marketing related forums may provide the solution you seek. Here, I’ve included a few well-known forums with brief descriptions. But you can also do a search using Google or the forum search engines I listed in this previous post. Here is the list of those popular forums: 

http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/  offering free computer help and support for operating systems, hardware and more.
http://www.warriorforum.com/index.php?referrerid=153049  a very big and active forum focusing mostly on internet marketing and making money online.
http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/forum.php   also large and active community focusing mostly on web design, coding and programming.
http://forums.digitalpoint.com/  large and active community here too with a mix of internet marketing with lots of web design, coding and programming.

5)Membership coaching sites:A great way to break free from familiar traps is to turn to membership coaching sites made to help you with online business. These sites teach you and coach you along through your journey, giving you the helping hand you need as you plod along.

I joined Internet Business CodeX (IBCX) a while back and tapped into it countless times for solutions.  I dealt with real people who catered to my needs. See, the right membership site for you becomes a  friendly community. Within it, you learn and you build relationships. You are not bombarded by marketers using it as an advertising board. I usually got replies to my SOS’s within hours. With a membership site, you are getting real help from your peers – not always the case in large public forums. Read about  how to pick a good coaching course/membership site here.


Wasting time will kill your online business. There’s so much to do, especially in the beginning that you have to be laser focused on productive tasks. Trying to solve technical blunders can make hours disappear, hours you don’t have and will lose forever. You can’t get them back.

So be a problem solver, not a time waster. Be proactive.

  • First, choose mostly software and services that provide support.
  • Second, have a plan like the one above to follow. Try a few items on the list and give yourself a time limit.
  • If still unresolved, leave a request in a forum or in an email to support staff, and then turn to another productive task as you wait for the reply.

Don’t keep trying to resolve it to the point of frustration.

What about you? Do you have some additional resources you use to add to the above list? What did you think of that adorable couple in video?? If that clip isn’t real, then they are amazing actors!


Keep moving forward…





17 Responses to 5 Internet Marketing Tips To Get You Unstuck

  1. Hi Louise

    Bit of a funny video. Guess everyone has to start somewhere. Reminds of a friend that used to sell computers about 20 years ago and a message came up on her client’s screen and said “press any key.” Client immediately rang the store where my girlfriend worked and said “I can’t find the any key”. Gabby explained to her it meant any key on the keyboard.

    Guess we all have to start somewhere.

    To YOUR success


  2. Great article (as always). Tutorials and a complete help section is always the first place to look (and often the last place people do). Thanks for the reminder – I will have to update my own. lol.
    On another note – I’d like to get your feedback on a new social network (CanadaSocialNet). What do you think? thanks.
    Will share. 😉

  3. Hey Louise,

    I loved that video – my partner showed me earlier today; someone had posted it to her Facebook – it has gone everywhere. It shows once more how simple messages can go around the world. Amazing.

    And your showing that Youtube video reminds me about the help that’s just a click away. There’s ‘how-to’ information on almost any subject, already in a Youtube video. Just search for what you need.

    Keep writing these ‘short’ posts. Great info, Louise.

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  5. Hi Louise
    I broke one of my blogs twice in the same day and it took me quite a while to sort it out.Fortunately it’s fixed and working OK.
    The first time I put a video clip into a post the other day, it seemed fine at first and then it screwed up but was quick ti fix.
    Oh! the joys of technology!

  6. Yes Dee,
    I know about technological fumbles. I fumble and fumble myself over and over again. But every time I do learn something and it gets easier.

    For myself I have found IBCX’s forum and forums in general to be a tremendous help.

    Glad you got your website going!

  7. Thanks Anthony.
    Your feedback is appreciated!

    Youtube is another great resource for learning how to do or resolve things. I meant to mention it and somehow forgot. (I guess being Friday and all…)

    Thanks for mentioning it for me!


  8. Hi Ray,
    Thanks for the visit and comment.

    I also have often skipped the help section and tried to figure out issues on my own, only to return to the help area and find the answer there or via the support staff. I learned the hard way how much time and aggravation I could have saved.

    I will definitely take a look it and send you feedback.

  9. Hey Sue!
    Yes, when you start using new hardware or software, well it’s all a different language, isn’t it?

    I’ve been online for a little while, even created my own website in html. But I still fumble along like that adorable couple (weren’t they just adorable?!! So used to each other and his supportive words and look of concern at the end over her frustration… so sweet!)

    That’s why you have to have some resources to help you along. Forums, tutorials…they become your IT guy.

    Thanks for your visit!

  10. Its always good to have bit of understanding before starting with any new products. This helps in having less glitches when you start working with the tool.

  11. Good point Sanjeev!

    Doing a search on the product first to see others feedback, reviews, comments is very helpful. It would warn you of potential problems you could run into.

    Thanks for the comment!

  12. Hi Louise

    Help desks and forums can be of help when you run into problems trying to do something.

    Those who have grown up with the internet seem to be able to find answers quicker than us older people. They are taught in school how to do all the tasks that are mistifying to us.

    Another source of help with technical problems is your nearest 15/16+ teenager who will probably sort it out so quickly you cannot see exactly what he/she has done.

    It will take them longer to explain it to you than to do it.


  13. Ha! Richard you are so right…kids get it a lot quicker than we do. I think they were born with technical know-how!

    My 13 year old step-son has started a Youtube channel for gaming and tells me about his traffic and keywords, like it’s total logic, very natural like the weather.

    My hubby and I know what he’s talking about, but many of our friends (grown-up) wouldn’t!

    Thanks for the feedback

  14. Haha… You guy have fun. I really impressed to watch the video post. It’s quite been interesting. I have found this impressive piece of internet marketing tips really appreciative. Keep up coming! :)

  15. Hi Louise,
    Glad to hear you found this post helpful.

    Have a great New Year!

  16. heheh…funny video..

    and thanks for the great post..and tips.



  17. Thanks for stopping by Satyendra!