9 Year Old Inspiration Using Social Media For Business

Good Business IdeasCaine Monroy has got heart. He put it into his arcade project and it touched others so much, his business went viral.

That’s why this story floored me. I was actually doing research on senior entrepreneurs (go figure!) when I landed on this one about 9 year old Caine. And being that my site is about following your heart and doing what you love, I couldn’t resist to use it as this week’s Cool Internet Business Idea.

This industrious young man didn’t go to business school, doesn’t have past business experience, no professional certificates. Actually he doesn’t have much training at all. Be he’s got something that we could all use a hefty dose of heart!

Today, through a little bit of networking and a willing spirit, he has a website, videos on both Vimeo and Youtube averaging 3 million views each, and plenty of offline and online traffic.

Plus he’s picked up over $200,000 in donations for Caine’s Arcade Scholarship Fund that will not only help Caine go to college, but in partnership with the Goldhirsh Foundation, who is matching donations dollar for dollar, will find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in young kids.

The clincher is that most of the marketing and online work was done by others. For free!

It all started with his first customer Nirvan Mullick, a filmmaker, and snowballed from there. But you can watch this cute10 minute video that explains it all:



I love this story as it exemplifies a winning approach to business success.  For example, Caine:

  • Uses what he knows and loves to build his business
  • He doesn’t lose interest with his slow beginning; he’s committed to his dream
  • He’s game; many kids and grown-ups would have been a little shocked at the Flash Mob, but Caine jumped right in and got down to business!

And from an online business standpoint, Caine’s story shows us the power of networking and the internet.


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