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Vintage Dancer

This week’s cool business is close to my heart because it touches on a topic I am very passionate about — Vintage Fashion.


Visit my Pinterest account and you will see a whole board dedicated to the classy classic Hollywood stars from the golden era. I adore the fashion, the expressions see, their mannerisms… Ever see Robert Mitchum light a cigarette?


Sorry if I’m spreading it on a little thick here, but I truly get lost in the 20s, 30, & 40s. So it’s no wonder I picked this gem for this week’s success story.


business ideasAs it happens, Debbie Wells shares my passion for the past. So much so, she launched Vintage Dancer where she blogs about vintage fashions. On it, she shares great retro fashion insight and sells third-party modern clothes à la vintage style with an affiliate sales model.


She also recently launched a new book entitled, “1940s Style Guide, The Complete Illustrated Guide to 1940s Fashion for Women”, which she sells on her blog and on the book’s home site, 1940s Fashion.


She revealed in an interview with Click Newz late last summer that she went into this business without any prior internet marketing experience. Of course, at the time she was still working at a full-time job, but due to increasing success, she planned to “quit her day job” within the following year.


What kind of success has she had? Here’s what she told Click Newz:

Is your website profitable? Can you share some basic traffic & profit stats with us?

Yes. Finally just in the last few months my sales really took off.

I started with 100 a month, then 200, then 400 then last month a $1000. I am set for another $1200 this month and its just growing leaps and bounds. I get 35,000 hits a month on a variety of keywords all from search engines. Of those hits I make 3-7 affiliate sales a day.

My ebook is slower to sell at about 60 hits a day, 3 sales a week, and $240 a month. I thought an info product would really sell well but for me it hasn’t met my pie in the sky expectations. It’s still worth it just slower to be successful.


successful business Vintage DancerDebbie admits that her niche is very specialized with very few competitors. She applies general SEO strategies like keyword use to optimize her site and product listings, and due to low competition often ranks top of first page. (Don’t you envy her!)


She also runs an affiliate program for fans to promote her book and increase sales, although at the time of the interview, it didn’t  generate a lot of extra sales.


Vintage Dancer is a wonderful example of creating a business from your passion.  Many in Debbie’s shoes,  seeing the lower search numbers in this niche, would have hoofed it out of there way before the launch. But Debbie stuck with what she loves and has cornered a specialized market quite nicely. It just goes to show; you don’t always have to rely on the stats or on what everyone else is doing! (Read how specialized markets can be more profitable.)


Here’s some parting words of encouragement she left Click News readers with and that I now share with you:

What ONE piece of advice would you give someone interested in starting their own niche site or blog?

Only one? Never give up. It took over a year to make any sort of decent profit and it was disheartening but then all of a sudden your hits skyrocket, your rankings increase and your sales are rolling in. In that moment all your hard work pays off and you can say “I did it.” You will never get to that point if you give up.


Well said.


So, do you think it’s a good idea to stick with a very small market? Do you have another success story or cool biz idea to share?




Love what you do!

Do what you love!




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