How You Can Make Money Online By Just Being YOU! Review

make money onlineThis ebook is another product written by one of my favorite on & offline writers and longtime ethical Internet Marketer, Gary Simpson.

For Struggling Internet Marketers

How You Can Make Money Online By Just Being YOU! is a great ebook for anyone struggling with or contemplating starting an online business and seeking direction.

Unfortunately, to learn internet marketing, newbies must climb a very steep learning curve that, thanks to fast-advancing technology, grows steeper every day. Soon, they are sifting through and playing catch-up with endless lists of training guides and programs in addition to email after email suggesting more products and training that will more likely clutter their hard drive (and their mind) than kick their profits into warp drive as promised. I know because I’ve been there more than once!

Bares Necessities to Running Any Business

For me and internet newbies like me who get overwhelmed every other week, Gary Simpson’s ebook, How You Can Make Money Online By Just Being YOU!, is like a fresh breeze that blows all the chaos, confusion and distractions away leaving only the bare necessities – what really matters – to running a business online or off.

Simpson discusses work ethics and attitudes to adopt as well as exactly what you need to succeed online long-term and stand out from those many marketers who operate on the assumption that if they pester you (you being the potential client) enough, odds are you’ll finally buy one of their products.

Hard Truths Prepare You

In addition to attitudes and bare necessities, this ebook also reveals a few hard truths that both newcomers and experienced internet marketers must face. Plenty of newbie guides glorify online marketing by focusing on only the good points. On the other hand, Simpson’s book discusses the common barriers and not-so-glamorous aspects of running an online business and how to deal with them. For instance, readers are given an easy and logical approach to handling information overload.

Internet Marketing Planning

The best part of this ebook has to be where Simpson gets into basic internet marketing planning. In this section, readers will find the basic winning formula needed for online business success, traffic methods and how to tackle them, the minimum steps and tools you will need to get started, as well as which direction to go in next once business is rolling.

Gives You Basics Not Detailed Strategy

Although this book provides you with basic necessities to get you started, it does not provide you with a step by step guide to making money online. Mainly, it arms you with the focus, basic formula and beginner tips necessary to get you started.

However, Simpson does offer you one of his how-to guides, How To Become An Internet Marketing Hundredaire, should you need additional structured help. Alternatively, you can just as easily apply this ebook’s principles to any how-to programs you may already own.


In the end, How You Can Make Money Online By Just Being YOU! helps both overwhelmed internet marketing beginners as well as those contemplating an online business by giving the direction needed to get started and to avoid common pitfalls. The truths, tips and basic strategies raised in this ebook serve as fail-safe guiding tools and powerful reminders. Like a GPS for your online business, it keeps you on the right track. In my opinion, this book is a must read for everyone starting online.

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