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Since joining IBCX, I haven’t looked back. It’s been full speed ahead with real learning that I’m already applying to my online business.  Taking part in this experience and watching how it’s helping my business and me, I can’t help but want to share with you the key characteristics of a good coaching course.

Key Characteristics Of Good Internet Marketing Coaching Courses

First, I’ll emphasize a very important point here; these traits do not apply to all coaching courses, but ONLY to the GOOD coaching courses, like IBCX. So, here goes.  A coaching course is considered a good one if it:

Internet Business CodeX

Offers you a money back guarantee. Good coaching courses will give you at least 2 months to try out the service and make sure it’s for you. If you are not benefiting in any way, coaches will want to give you your money back, because they don’t want to create an unsatisfied customer who will turn around and their course some bad press.

Is run by experienced teachers or coaches. Many courses are run by inexperienced internet marketers. They may be successful, but they lack the long-term experience of someone who has been running a successful business online over many years, through the ups and downs of the market, and through the crazy cycles of internet development.

Provides accessible coaches. In this type of training, you should have frequent access to your coaches. They should be approachable and willing to help along the way. They will have various ways for you to reach them such as by email, support tickets, forums, and websites.

Gives you room to grow at your own speed. Good internet marketing coaching lets you develop at a reasonable speed. You especially aren’t rushed through the important foundation- building -stages. And the delivery is such that you don’t get overwhelmed with hours upon hours of learning materials and burnt out on information overload.

Provides you with real tools and strategies. A good internet marketing course will not only give you real basic steps to developing your online business, but also provide you with many tools in a variety of formats such as videos, webinars, ebooks, helpful mentors and more without additional hidden costs. Plus, good coaches teach you  strategies that stand the test of time and that you can take with you to use for many years to come.

Has a real teacher who cares about your progress.  Real coaches are concerned about the quality of the course, not the quantity of clients. They don’t only have eyes for the shining stars. They encourage those who are struggling as well as those who are doing well.Real coaches always reply to those who need help. In addition to all of that, they ask for suggestions to improve the course and help meet the needs of their clients.

Appreciates your contribution. You may be the student, but real teachers will always tell you that they learn with every teaching experience. In a good internet marketing course, both your questions and your learning experience are appreciated because through them, coaches learn about marketing, about their clients, and about themselves.  In a good course, the student’s experiences help shape the course into something better. Good coaches recognize that and constantly show their appreciation.

Is run by people you like. Good coaching must be provided by people you like. On a business level, they have what you want to achieve plus a good reputation. On a personal level, they share the same values as you and are people you respect and would join for a chat over coffee.

Provides a group experience. In addition to some personal attention, a good course will also provide the opportunity for group time where you can share, discuss, learn, research, teach others, and network.

So, you could teach yourself all you need to know to launch and maintain a successful online business. It is possible and I’m sure many have accomplished just that. But it would take several years of self-education at the very  least and probably  a lot of deep breathing to stay sane and keep those nasty eye twitches under control.

Or, you could give both your learning and your business a boost by joining a good coaching course where the process is so much more enjoyable and the benefits, pleasantly plentiful.

Read  about Internet Business CodeX , if you’re ready for an awesome internet marketing learning experience.


Keep moving forward…


19 Responses to Internet Marketing Courses and Coaching That Work

  1. Hi Louise
    What you say is perfectly true. Some successful internet marketers forget how much they knew when they first started and therefore leave out the basics.
    Begnners need to start from the beginning and have all the follow on steps.
    IBCX certainly does that.

  2. Thanks Dee for visiting and commenting. So nice to see you here!

    It’s a shame. The beginner steps are probably the most important because they build the base of your business and your future online success. And a coaching or any marketing course that skips those initial steps should not market to beginners, because they won’t get their money’s worth.

    Everyone’s at a different level of development and therefore what course suits them is a personal choice. But if it possess the criteria I mentioned, then you know it’s probably a winner.

    Cheers girl!

  3. Hi Louise

    You have made some very valid points here. Yes just as when we were learning any lesson you have to start with the basics. I have been on courses that assume you know the basics and that is extremely annoying.

    This is a guaranteed jam packed course that you can follow at your own pace. I believe that is essential.

    Keep up the good work

    To YOUR success


  4. Hi Sue!
    Thanks for your comments.

    I know exactly what you mean. There are so many guides I’ve purchased that just skipped over the basics, leaving you to figure it out on your own.

    IBCX definitely includes the beginner as well as the more advanced. Isn’t great???!!!

    To your success too!

  5. Hi Louise

    This post gives a very detailed look at what a good coaching course should have and you are right in what you say. I have been on a number of coaching courses in the past and would say that IBCX is definately the best of them all.

    Thw first month has been very basic to bring the raw newbies up to a level where some more advanced stuff can be introduced but still in a step by step approach.

    By the time the course is finished we should all be earning from the internet.


  6. Hey Richard,
    Thanks for your comment.

    I think that some of the beginner stuff covered so far also was a great review for the more advanced. I know I picked up on a few things I missed the first time around.


  7. Louise,

    Yes, I have been coached before, but I know I still have a lot to learn.

    I’m in the IBCX course as well and came over to see your site. I do like the way you have set up your blog. It is light and airy and not cluttered and you have a lot of good information. I think you will do well in developing this into the business and blog you are desiring.


  8. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks very much for your kind words.

    Concerning being coached…I think no matter what stage you’re at in internet marketing, there’s always more to learn.

    See you in the forum,

  9. Louise

    Although the start of the course is primarily focused on the Internet Marketing world, there are many good lessons in there that can be assigned to many aspects of your life.
    The respect aspect of society is a constant source of concern for me, and particularly how the new generations will cope in a very different world to the one when I was a lot younger, so just to lift these work ethics and respect modules will work anywhere.
    The interesting thing for me about the IBCX is the large mix of experience and newbies, which shows the 2 G’s must have something right, and seeing all of the content on your site, I have found the right place and the right bunch of people.
    Good luck in what you want to achieve.


  10. Thanks Neil!
    And welcome to my site.

    Yes, the 2 IBCX mentors are indeed doing something right. And their good work ethics have attracted like-minded people to their course and forum, not matter what stage they are at in internet marketing.

    You bring up the point of universal life lessons at IBCX. I think that’s why this course will help many people because it also addresses personal barriers that may be holding you back.

    To our success

  11. Hi Louise,

    What a wonderful recap of IBCX so far…and it’s only just beginning!

    I’ve built several sites and yet learned a few nice little tricks during the blog set up phase. Can’t wait to see what is coming down the road.

    See you in the Forum!


  12. Hey Lesley,
    Thanks for visiting!
    I should be talking to you about sites as I will be changing my theme.


  13. […] I joined Internet Business CodeX (IBCX) a few months ago and have tapped into it countless times for solutions.  I dealt with real people who catered to my needs. See, the right membership site becomes a  friendly community. Within it, you learn and you build relationships. You are not bombarded by marketers using it as an advertising board. In IBCX, my SOS’s were never left unanswered and I usually received a reply within hours. With a membership site, you are getting real help from your peers – not always the case in large public forums. Read about  how to pick a good coaching course/site here. […]

  14. Thanks for visiting and your feedback!

    Amidst all of the hype on the internet (and when there’s a lot of hype, it’s often to make up for lack of quality), there are wonderful legitimate coaches, courses and programs out there (such as IBCX). And when you find one that’s great, you KNOW it.

    You really have to do your research before you sign up to make sure you’re get your money’s worth and more.


  15. Hello, Louise…

    You’re not going to publish my email address… how boring! I was out looking for some attention and I thought that because I’m sort of in your neighbourhood (you can tell by
    the spelling and that silly Yankee “red line” — not the border, Louise) that I am Canadian, too, eh!

    Actually, is Barrie really still part of the Great Far North, or are you guys down there just another “Gateway to the North?”

    Anyway, what an interesting site you have. We’re both more or less into the same kinds of things but you do have a nice way of warming your prospective clients to the principles involved in doing the internet marketing mode.

    If I was a “student” — which I am to as many of life’s aspects as I can kid myself into trying to deal with all at the same time (is that anything like that Beast,”informa- tion overload?”)– I’d be very gratified about finding myself on your site where a lot of time is properly spent on
    helping students get past the “learning curve” that is so prevalent in everything that goes on in Cyber Space.

    It really is a whole New World out there. And, when… if I ever grow up, I want you as my “teach”.

    Power to you, Girl.

    Bobby Earle

  16. Hello Bobby Earle,
    So nice to hear from you!!

    & I’m not sure if Barrie is part of the north. Since we only have a sprinkling of snow, I’ll say we’re in the South!

    Thanks for your kind feedback on my site. It’s getting past that learning peak that’s the hardest to getting started. I hope that this site will help many beginners stick with it and keep at it. That’s the key, I think!

    All the best during the Holidays.

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  18. Thanks for the feedback. Likewise, if you’re serious about running a business online, you have to learn as much as you can. Coaching provides with some more customized learning…it’s just one tool to learning the biz!

  19. What’s up i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anywhere, when i read this post i thought i could also create comment due to this good piece of writing.