Shut Up!?! You Really Can Make Money Online? Part Deux (2)

Yes you can!

As a follow-up to Part 1, here is another 4 ways to make money online. Of course the ideas listed here are only a sample of possibilities, but they will get you thinking…

4 Ways To Make Money Online

1. Write and sell an ebook: Nowadays, most people shop for information online before heading out to actual stores. For this reason, many online entrepreneurs become profitable selling information products in the form of e-books. In a nutshell, ebooks are digital documents on a useful topic, anywhere from 10 pages to over 50 pages long. If you can write well, or like me enjoy it, then you qualify to write an e-book. You can write about almost anything, because many profitable topics consist of every day things, like how to handle teenagers or grow an herb garden. Your ebook doesn’t have to be a dissertation on the Quantum String Theory or another War and Peace, just a product that answers questions on a particular topic, solves a particular problem, or simply entertains. One way to start is to think of questions or problems you often come across throughout your day. Find the answers or solutions to those issues and capture them in an ebook. A finished ebook depending on its size, quality and type of content can sell anywhere from $5 to hundreds and you can sell as many copies as you want. You can download from tons of how to write ebook guides online to get started. Depending on your budget, you can also use PLR products, pre-written content that you buy and customize, or hire someone to write for you. Then you can sell your ebook on your own website, on eBay, on Craigslist or on sites like Warrior Forum where internet marketers shop.

2. Write a good blog: This option also appeals to those of you who like to write and share information. A blog is where you write frequently about a specific topic. You can blog about your life or interests or on information that helps others. If you plan to make money blogging, you have to pick a topic that people want to read. Many bloggers make a luxurious living by picking a specific niche and by monetizing their blogs. I read online that Steve Pavlina ( makes $300 of Google Adsense money daily on his personal development blog. So, the potential is great! You can easily start a blog on or for free, although many successful bloggers purchase for a minimal charge a topic-related domain name (website name) and hosting with WordPress added to it. Once you have your blog set up and you are writing posts (short articles), you can begin to earn income. To start, copy role model Steve Pavlina and add Google Adsense to your blog and you will make money every time someone clicks on an ad. You can also sell your own e-book or product, or other people’s products, what the industry calls marketing affiliate products. With affiliate products, businesses give you a personal link to their product or service that you install on your blog or website. Every time someone uses your personal link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission.  To make lots of online income blogging, you will need to do some planning. You can set-up your blog in minutes, but it takes time to add quality content and find traffic that will visit your blog, read your content and click on ads or products. Many courses and ebooks show you different techniques to achieve a great money making blog. It’s definitely doable…ask Steve Pavlina!

3. Sell services or products to online businesses: To make money, online businesses require lots of services and products, making them a needy bunch of potential clients. For this reason, depending on your skills, experience or interests, you could sell services or products to online businesses. If you like to write, you can offer to write content or sales copy for their websites or newsletters. And if you have a way with words, you can sign-up with, a business that pays you for writing any domain names they sell. If you like web design, you could design blogs or websites for bloggers and online marketers. Some companies need someone to Twitter or Facebook for them, and others need someone to answer their emails. pays you for your reviews on software. You can learn how to set-up a blog and then offer a service to set-up blogs for new bloggers or bloggers short on time. The possibilities are endless! Visit websites, forums and magazines like that target online businesses to find lots of relevant information that will inspire you with ideas.

4.   Become an Affiliate: Probably one of the easiest ways to start making an online income is to peddle other people’s products. Many successful product sites offer an affiliate program where you sign-up and they give you html code that contains your personal link to their selling page. Every time someone uses your link to purchase their product, you make a commission. What’s easier about this strategy is you don’t need a website. You can write short helpful articles on topics that relate to the product and submit them to article directories like Ezine. Each article you submit will have the affiliate link in your signature box. You can also participate in topic-related forums where again you would have an affiliate link in your signature box. In either case, check the directory or forum’s policies and make sure that adding an affiliate link to your comments or articles is permitted. Also, keep in mind that people will only click on your link if they are interested in what you have to say. So, write quality articles and comments that truly help potential readers and pick a product that you believe in. Some sites like offer tons of digital products sold by solely by online affiliates.

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