Sometimes The Best Online Business Ideas Are In The Cookie Dough

Another Cool Business Idea (or should I say yummy idea)

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Twin Delights Owners Pamela and Amanda

Sometimes the best online business ideas aren’t buried in a pile of complex marketing reports and graphs. Sometimes they’re right under your nose in your own home. For twins Pamela and Amanda Massi from Montreal, success was found in their very own kitchen, in the cookie dough.


For this week’s success story, we’re targeting Twin Delights, Pamela and Amanda’s home-baked cookie online order and delivery business, soon to service all of Canada.


I came across their story in the Montreal Gazette. Here’s how they described the making and baking of Twin Delights:


“We started working after school, but in our spare time we were always baking for family, friends and parties. Every time we were reminded ‘all right girls don’t forget to bring your cookies!’ ” Amanda explained.

“Then one day our brother came to us and said, ‘why don’t you do something with this? You should do something with your cookies,’ ” Pamela said.

The twins took his suggestion to heart and started researching Montreal’s hyper-competitive baked-goods industry. Fully aware of the importance of differentiating themselves from their competition, they decided against opening up yet another Montreal bakery. Instead, they focused their attention on establishing an online cookie-delivery service. They were motivated by the fact that south of the border a company called Insomnia Cookies had pioneered the concept with tremendous success.

“We realized that no other company offered a service like that in Montreal, where you can go online, press a button and get freshly baked cookies delivered to your door within two hours,” Amanda said.


Clearly, the girls found their unique position in the market. And they didn’t stop there. They’re committed to a quality product, using only natural ingredients, including gluten-free options while keeping the calorie count below 170. For this reason, they sell their cookies at a higher price than most and many are buying.


A Closer Look At This Success Story


Online Business IdeasOf course, cookie monster that I am and always looking for new online business ideas, I clicked my way over to the Twin Delights’s site and discovered that things are really cooking over there! (I also clicked on the purchase button…)


As one would expect, they have a pretty website with mouthwatering closeups of cookies you can almost taste.


But in just over two years, they’ve also grown their business to include services beyond straightforward online ordering and delivery.


  • Twin Delights now sells to retailers and restaurants throughout Montreal, diversifying their income streams.


  • TDs is tapping into an additional market with the TwinDelights Bar™, a catering service for events that includes the use of customizable and personalized packaging or serving dishes to match any occasion.


  • The girls have also created a recurring income stream by offering a membership package called the TwinDelights Goodies Club™, which they promote as a gift idea. For $119, the lucky recipient will receive a batch of cookies monthly for 6 months.


  • Plus, TDs supports their community by offering charities cookies at a discount for their fundraising events. While this gives back to their community, it also promotes their company.


Although savvy and up to the challenge, Pamela and Amanda certainly do not come across as overly aggressive. According to their Montreal Gazette interview, these two young entrepreneurs want to savour the process and grow into their success naturally and without compromising on quality.  


Yes, sometimes the best online business ideas are in the cookie dough.


And although Twin Delights cookies probably deliver a mouthful of divine goodness, Pamela and Amanda show us that to succeed, you need more than a great product. For them, success comes with both a quality product and smart business strategies. 


You’ve got to hand it to them. They’re definitely a couple of smart cookies.


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Do what you love!




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