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If you followed my advice on Find A Niche, you should now have chosen your business niche. You are almost ready to start building your site or blog. But before you reach for that mouse, you need to consider the very basic elements of any successful online business. Below is the basic model for starting an online business that you need to consider as you plan, build, and grow. Everything you do from this point on will fall into one or more sections of this model.


Starting An Online Business Model

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Just as seeds need soil, water and sun to grow into a plant, your business needs certain basic elements to flourish. Successful online businesses today follow the above model and apply all 3 basic elements.  Every plan, strategy and action you will apply from this point on will fall into one or more of the three different sections displayed above.


Let’s Breakdown The Model

1) Your Site: This is your seed, your headquarters, where anyone can find you and your solutions and from where everything will grow. This is where you will drive all of your traffic to, and where you will begin building relationships with your market.  Here’s a quick list of what you will likely include on your site:

  • All of your quality content on your niche. This content will provide real solutions and engage your visitors
  • Solutions in the form of helpful freebies, products, and/or services
  • Sales pages
  • Optins where visitors can sign-up to receive future communications from you
  • A place that encourages visits, exploration, discussions, comments, and communication – real relationship building stuff

2) Conversions: This is the fruit of your labor. It includes any action you want your audience to take on your site. Measuring this may be a little tricky and may involve analytics tools like Google Analytics (yet another aspect of online marketing we need to learn). What kind of actions would you want people to take?

  • Leave comments
  • explore other pages
  • optin to your newsletter
  • download a document
  • or purchase a solution

Whatever your intention, if the visitor follows through, in my eyes that’s a conversion success story. Getting your visitors to take action is the central driving part of your whole business. So, you need to plan for conversions. Start by offering a freebie in exchange for their email address. If you’re not ready to offer products, you can start building relationships by encouraging readers to comment and replying if they do. Another easier option is to offer a quality affiliate product that’s consistent with your niche. I will talk more about this later.

3)Traffic:  With some conversion plans in place, your site ready with mouth-watering content, and a market-friendly design, you can unlock the doors and light the Open sign. You are open to the public. But how do you get it to notice you, visit your place of business, and discover how awesome you are? Online options to accomplish this abound. The most common involve:

  • backlinking from niche-related quality sites (nrqs) grow your business
  • leaving comments on nrqs and forums
  • article marketing
  • and posting on (you guessed it) nrqs

There you have it: the grand-pappy of online business models.

Starting an online business with this model in mind will guide your efforts and your success. It will keep you focused and on track. Without the model’s 3 elements, your online business may not be able to germinate and grow into its full wonderful potential.


So, do you have any questions, possibly something to add? Additional traffic techniques perhaps. Let’s talk! Leave a comment. BTW – I appreciate all of your comments & this is a DoFollow website!

Keep moving forward…

19 Responses to Starting An Online Business With This Basic Model

  1. Hi Louise

    I think the relationship building part is a key element of a successful site. The site exists to sell goods and services, after all. It doesn’t exist simply to amuse the odd visitor.

    Perhaps the question we should ask when designing a website is: “How does this site aid me to find the people who want what I have, and deliver it to them.”

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Definitely building relationships is key and your site should help you do that.

    How does this site aid me to find the people who want what I have, and deliver it to them?

    That’s a great question to ask when designing your site. You could also say, ” How does my site aid me find and deliver solutions to people who need them?”

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Louise
    What you say is very true, you need a strong foundation and you need to build it brick by brick.
    Most people people fail to realise that an online business is just like an offline business and take it too casually.
    Guest blogging is another way to generate traffic.

  4. Hi Dee,

    I agree. More need to take a business-like approach. That’s why this site is called “Starting an Online Business” and not Starting a Blog or the likes.

    Thanks for the extra traffic tip!

  5. Hi Louise

    3 essential elements to each of which is dependant on the others.

    You could have a brilliant sales page but with no traffic you get no business at all.

    A crap site will not get conversions even with a hoard of traffic.


  6. Richard,


    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  7. Hi Louise,

    I am so glad I stopped by. Your 3 steps are the solution. I receive so many comments that are not niche-related. I have been exploring music forums and commenting on other music sites.

    Thanks so much

  8. Hi Robert,
    I’m glad you dropped by too!
    You are on the right track if you are backlinking from sites related to your niche.

    much success!

  9. Hi Louise,

    You have laid out the foundation very nicely with the model in establishing a business. From the ground up having a niche,traffic,yoursite,conversions as well as building a relationship with the people you come in contact with, there is an another important element that was first hand learn from business leaders, make sure your thought pattern is based on a passion for your business and not only for the money part.Thanks for sharing a great site.

  10. Susie,
    Thanks for bringing up a very important point. Passion should be the starting point of it all. It’s the positive energy in your whole business that brings the model above to life.

    Thanks for the visit & comment!

  11. Great illustration here. In order to get the conversion part which is, indeed, the last end result we definitely need to have the other two working first.

  12. Hi Sylviane,
    I know it sounds so logical, right? But, at times, many people, myself included, lose focus & tend to maybe just two or one aspect of the model. So, it’s good to always keep that model in mind and make sure you are always dividing your time in all three areas.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  13. I really like the sense of balance and color and information you have at your site. It is very attractive. There is good information without the site being cluttered.

  14. Hi Cheryl,
    It’s definitely a balancing act. It’s nice to read feedback that I’m doing it right.

    So, thanks!

  15. I have only recently realised that building an internet business isn’t a magical event.

    Have you ever sen ‘Field OF Dreams’ with Kevin Costner. One of the lines I remember clearly is ‘If you build it they will come’ Now this may be true of ghost baseball players, but it certainly isn’t true for Internet marketers. We have to give people a reason to come to our site. (Something I am still learning).

  16. Hi Barry,
    You are absolutely right. People need a reason to come to our site. And to do that we have to know what our readers or market want. That’s something I’m still learning to master!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  18. Hey friend i like your blog well done!

  19. Thanks John!