What’s the Best MLM Company?

This post is from Clint at Clint’s Money Box, experienced in both affiliate and Multi-level marketing (MLM) – two ways to generate income online as an online business without creating any of your own products. And I’m sure some of you readers are not interested in creating your own products. So, this one’s for you!
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What’s the Best MLM Company?

I’ve gone around and looked at MLM compensation plans, MLM products and popularity of MLM programs using Google.


My parents are going to kill me… they’re in Amway. I’ve decided to join Visalus. I would have gone with Amway but according to what I’ve found, my question, “what’s the best mlm company?” was answered. It’s Visalus. By far Visalus. I didn’t betray you Mom and Dad, I’m helping you retire.


Here’s a short (6 mins) information-packed video from a third-party (non-affiliate) reviewer on the Visalus product and compensation plan:



Here’s a few reasons why I got in with Visalus other than the compensation plan:

They give away a BMW for people who get results near the beginning of the compensation plan. I’ll have one soon.


  • They offer something that people feel like they need: weight loss shakes that taste like cake and fruit. Weight loss products are very easy to sell because people feel like they need them. If someone needs something, they will buy it.

  • I can market Visalus online using MLM and make a killing if I do it right, and I am doing it right ;) I’ve been in the internet marketing business for over 6 years now. Mixing Internet Marketing and MLM is “passive income on steroids”.



For me, Visalus is by far the better choice and that’s what I’m running with. I’ve got a great team above me who will keep me motivated and help out if I run into problems and I’m building a great team below me who will benefit from my instruction and knowledge of internet marketing and from my team’s unique plan which will create passive income for anyone within only a couple weeks.


To answer your question: What’s the best MLM company?


I recommend using Google and doing some research yourself. You need to analyze the compensation plans and the product.

When you come across a valuable compensation plan and a high quality product that works and that people need, you know you’ve hit a home run.


article written by Clint from Clint’s Money Box



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4 Responses to What’s the Best MLM Company?

  1. Ah ha! This is great! I Googled to see if I was on the first page for “what’s the best MLM company?” but your website came up with my post on the first page.

    I need more back link love. :) That’s awesome Louise, thanks for sharing my post! I love your site! I can see you’ve put a lot of time into it.

  2. Hey Clint that’s great! I’m so glad to help (isn’t that what it’s all about?)
    Very handy post btw for those thinking about MLMs. So thanks for allowing me to post it here.

    & thanks for the kind feedback on my site. Many improvements still coming…

  3. How do most people get started with these MLM companies?

  4. I’ve never joined an MLM, but was often approached. I think you just have to do an online search and you’re bound to find a list of MLMs. Even try your local online classifieds like Kijiji.

    I’ll get Clint to comment…