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You’re Not Alone!

Over and over in forums, people beg for help on how to make money from home fast, to break free from very hot-under-the-collar financial situations.

It’s not surprising when you think of all those stay at home parent families surviving on one income and the large population of retired boomers living on fixed earnings in these trying economic times; a big chunk of our population worrying about making ends meet.

What really troubles me though are those who target people in these vulnerable situations to make a quick buck. Go to internet marketing or work at home forums and check out the replies to these posts. You’ll see a pack of them promoting their business or a product as an instant solution. When instead they should be asking questions like, what are your skills? what do you like doing? etc. and giving them guidance.

One consequence of these swarm-type replies is that it stains our perception of online jobs  and  internet marketing, making them appear dishonest, pushy and illegitimate.

A portion of online jobs are scams, but I’ve done some research and discovered you can make some legit money online fast and on a regular basis.

3 Legitimate Options To Quickly Earn From Home

The first thing you need to know if you want to work from home and earn some quick money is this: you won’t do it starting your own business. That takes time, effort and cash. According to my research for a quick return, you have 3 legitimate options:

A. Selling Stuff

B. Working For Someone Else

C. Offering A Service


A) Sell Your Stuff Using Online Classifieds or Online Auctions

I’m sure you’ve already read about or thought of this one. It’s a great way to get some quick cash while you figure things out. And with the help of the internet and your camera, it’s quick, easy and free. I know because I’ve done this myself several times over the years.

Do you have clutter stored away in the garage or the guest room? Do you have old dishware? Excess furniture? You can sell these online via free classifieds platforms like Kijiji and Craigslist or through eBay or other auction platforms like (do a search for local ones as well). I write in more detail about this here.

Just remember, if you’re selling something heavy, either figure in the delivery charges in your selling price or use a free local classifieds like Kijiji or Craigslist and have the buyer pick it up (after they pay you, of course!).


B) Work For Someone Else From Home

Another quick way to put money in your account is to work for companies who need people to fulfill responsibilities from their own home. These vary across levels of experience and industry, such as virtual assistants (administrative assistants) to programmers.

You may have read about making tons of cash online running your own blog or promoting other people’s products as an affiliate or whatever other 100 ways that are touted all over the internet. But let me tell you these are not quick solutions. This I also know from experience!

Starting your own business online takes time and money. If you need money now and how, then you need to start hunting for online jobs. And YES they do exist! Here are 3 sources.

1) Start With Online Job Boards

The first place to look is on online job boards. Here in Canada, and are prominent. They possess a huge database, are updated constantly, and have great search capabilities. These types of job sites are best. I would also suggest to stick with sites that have current postings. I point this out,  because I’ve seen some with job ads posted several years ago!

So once you find a suitable job board, notice the search function usually located top right. A search field is key because it will help you isolate all the “work from home” jobs from the rest of those that aren’t. And notice that there’s usually both a keyword box and a location box. Start first by trying these terms both with and without the quotation marks in the keyword box:

“virtual assistant” (or other common online positions like data entry or translation)


“work from home”

“from home”

You’ll get the most relevant results on top followed by the less relevant ones and those that don’t even offer telecommuting (it’s not a perfect science). Also try “work from home” & “from home” in the location box, leaving the keyword box empty.

Bookmark the most relevant and active job sites and check these everyday or more.

2) Online Classifieds

Also sift through the job sections in the online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji. Employers can post job ads on them for free making them a popular spot to hunt for jobs. Just be careful as there are many scams and you could compromise your personal information or get cheated out of time or cash.

To protect yourself, always gather some company information. Look for a company name and address. Then look them up on the Better Business Bureau site, where they grade companies and list complaints.  A good grade and well-handled or minimum complaints can count as votes of confidence.

According to Toronto’s magazine other flags that alert you of an employment scam include:

  • Ads that offer large earnings for little effort;
  • Ads that ask you to send money for start-up kits, information packages, or administrative fees;
  • Correspondence containing poor English or unprofessional language.

3) Pay Per Task Sites

You won’t get rich with this option, but you could easily make some pocket change to hold you through the week. I’m talking about sites like and (I’m actually checking these two out.)

These sites list tons of small tasks required by third party companies along with a flat fee paid upon approval. So you do have to put in an honest effort, but it’s very simple work.

For instance at Microworkers, I rewrote a short article in my own words in exchange for $6.oo. It took me 15 minutes to complete and submit. I did this last night and just went in my account to check and my task is still waiting for approval. Employers have 7 days to approve.

At Cashcrate, I completed 2 surveys last night for two different companies and found $2.50 tonight in my cashcrate account. Less lucrative than my Microworker task – completing the two surveys probably also took 15 minutes. But on the bright side, the approval system seems a lot quicker at Cashcrate.

Mere pennies, maybe. But in the absence of other options you can work 2 – 3 hours daily Monday to Friday and make $100 a week. Even more if you target the higher paying tasks. Makes great gas or restaurant money. Or even extra Visa payments!

To join these sites, you simply sign-up, read or watch the quick tutorials and start tasking! Oh and by the way,  Cashcrate got an A rating from the Better Business Bureau with 4 complaints listed and resolved  in the last 3 years.

Other popular task brokers are MTurk (run by Amazon) and ShortTask, but I haven’t checked any of them out.


C) Offer A Service

Of course, with the right skills, expertise, talents or even location, you can offer much needed services from your home. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • offer an offline service at your home,
  • or offer your services online.

Offline Service From Your Home

There are many offline services you could offer from your home. Here are some ideas:

  • If you reside in an area with many young families or just a very central location, you could offer babysitting services.
  • You could minimize the hours of babysitting by offering only before and after school services. You could also ramp it up a notch and offer a homemade bagged school lunch for a bit extra.
  • If you love pets, you could offer a pet sitting or dog walking service.
  • Have a way with numbers or words? Offer a tutoring service in your home. Just be prepared to work after school hours.

You can easily pass the word in your neighborhood, at local schools, in free online classifieds and of course on Facebook. Even just landing one client will relieve your finances. And if you do a good job that one client will spread the word and potentially snowball into more.

Offer Your Services Online

The quickest way to making money offering your services online would be through freelance brokers like and (both BBB accredited). These sites match-up freelancers with employers that need certain projects done.

If you have any skill or experience that can help someone on a project, you can post these in your profile for employers to see. At the same time, employer projects get posted for freelancers to see, listing the details including the budget. 

As a freelancer, you choose interesting projects and estimate the length of time you’d need to complete it to help you determine your fee. Then, you bid on the project outlining your fee. The employer picks the most suitable freelancer. is similar to the above sites, however all tasks are done for $5.00. So for instance, you could offer to proofread a few articles or write a 350 word article or design an ebook cover as oppose to proofreading a whole book or designing a website.

The types of services and project requests vary greatly, so visit these sites and explore. Let them inspire you. Where could you fit in your talents and experience on these sites and start earning money?

One last site I want to mention is It received a A rating from the BBB and high recommendations from a Canadian government project website. Contractxchange connects customer service contractors working from home with employers like Pizza Hut and The Shopping Channel. The only hitch is that you have to pay for training and software, which could cost up to $300.00. Normally, this would be a blaring alarm that you’re being scammed, but as you can see in the article, it comes highly recommended. It may be worth investigating. Contractxchange operates out of Canada, the US, the UK and Dominica.

Of course, if you’re already set-up, you can also use social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to offer your services.

make legit money online


If you need some immediate financial relief, don’t lose time, energy and money learning to start a business. Instead, find ways on how to make money fast, such as those listed above. With a lighter financial load and accumulation of some online skills, you’ll be better equipped to take it a step further and become an online entrepreneur.





Have any other ideas on how to make legit money online? If you run an online business, how long did it take to get you started? Please leave a comment…



Love what you do!

Do what you love!




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