Shut Up!?! You Really Can Make Money Online?

Yes you can!

Have you been wondering whether you can make money online? Maybe you’re where I was, a stay at home mom who misses that second income. Or maybe, you’re tired of the nine to five grind sandwiched between serious commuting times with no extra cash in your pockets to show for it. Well, let me assure you, you can without a doubt make money online. I know because I have been earning extra family income with freelance writing online since 2007.

Voilà, the beauty of the internet. It acts like a global mall where you can set-up shop at little to no cost, whether you are selling a product, service, or selling other people’s stuff. People from all over the world shop in that mall and if you play your cards right, they will shop at your store.

Don’t question whether you have what it takes. You don’t have to be a guru or a Harvard grad with a PhD in biochemistry to succeed online. Millions of people with all sorts of backgrounds make part-time to extreme income online by selling products, information, or services. When I started to freelance online, I relied on my love of writing and my previous work and life experiences. I was not an established or published writer, but online I found a need and fulfilled it.

The point is there are a lot of hungry online shoppers out there who are willing to pay to get what they want. And what they want may just be something you have. So take a look at your interests, skills, experience and passions and ask yourself what if? Get creative. Get imaginative. Get excited. Here are 3 ways to make money online to get you started.

3 ways to make money online

1. Find an online job:
In this case the hungry shoppers are employers. If you are not the entrepreneur type or simply like the security of a steady pay check, you can find, based on your skill set and experience, work online working for others. It may take a bit of searching, but every year more employers allow telecommuting on the job. In addition to online data entry jobs and paid survey sites, jobs can be found through the global, a local online classifieds like (or and online job sites like Canada’s Select a category of jobs and then type in “telecommute” or “telecommute jobs” or “work from home” in the search or keyword field usually found at the top of the page.

2. Sell your stuff on eBay or in local online classifieds:
You may have already sold or bought stuff on Ebay or at least heard of eBay. EBay is an online auction where you can list anything from wedding dresses to power tools and people will bid on it. Begin by setting up an account and picking from your garage sale items to sell on eBay to make money. Then as you learn your way around, you can graduate to selling other people’s stuff, such as cameras or cuckoo clocks you bought wholesale or at garage sales. will help you determine what’s in high demand on eBay when picking products to sell. Remember you have to pay the shipping or charge it to the buyer, which for heavy stuff like couches can be ridiculously expensive. So on eBay, focus on lighter items. Also keep in mind when you calculate your potential profit, eBay charges a small listing fee and a final selling fee. You wouldn’t want these charges eating up your eBay profits.

Listing with a local online classifieds that you trust would help you sell stuff without having to worry about shipping or fees. Shoppers come to your house and haggle a price, then take the item away. While downsizing, I’ve sold thousands of dollars of unwanted stuff this way. Just google ‘City marketing online classifieds ‘, City being the name of the community where you live, and visit the results. Check-out the listings. If the date for each listing is current and the entries are numerous, then chances are you have found a high traffic classifieds, which means more chances of sales. Just remember one golden rule to avoid scams: no money in hand, no sale.  Never ever give away your stuff without getting paid first!

3. Sell stock photography:
If you love your digital camera and have a knack for taking photos, this could be the perfect online income opportunity for you. Many online entities, such as magazines, business sites, and blogs, buy online stock photos to add appeal to their content. Do a search for “stock photography” and you will find lots of  sites who will pay you for good photos. Visit some of these sites and do some digging. Explore their submission or application process and the categories of photos they provide. This will give you an idea of what kind of shots to focus on. Stock photography sites such as tend to pay on a scale based on volume. So, pick a category or niche of interest, focus on it, and click away. Soon enough you can begin to make money from your photos.

We’ve only scratched the tip of the iceberg with these 3 online money making possibilities. The internet is a virtual world that expands and changes constantly. Everyday, people turn to it to meet their ever-growing needs and spend their money, while other people (which could be you) find new ways to fill those needs and make some extra money online. Really, the opportunities are endless.

Don’t like method 1, 2 or 3? Check-out Part 2, another 4 ways to make money online.

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