5 Trust Building Tactics To Get More Customers Online

There are many reasons why shoppers will pick one product over another.

By listing why I had bought a certain product in an online customer satisfaction survey today, I witnessed how specific trust building actions helped me pick this one product over others.

Those actions built my confidence in the vendor and therefore his product, ultimately setting him apart from the competition and helping turn me into a customer.

Now what if we turned that around, and used those same actions to build trust with shoppers visiting our site? We would be a few steps ahead of the competition to converting those shoppers or prospects into customers buying our products or services.

Here are 5 trust building actions that can help build a relationship with both your customers and shoppers and ultimately increase online sales:

Offering the product your prospects want. By using specific relevant keywords that represent your offer, both on your site and in your traffic building methods, you will get shoppers who are interested in buying what you are offering. They will land on your site, see that you have information, products or services they want. Use misleading or broad keywords and you will get a lot of annoyed visitors that will immediately bounce off of your site and probably not return.

Fair pricing. There are many ‘experts’ out there that overprice their services. They promise way more than what they actually deliver. I’m sure you have purchased a few products yourself that left you disappointed. No matter the price, but especially if it’s higher than your competitors, show shoppers why your product is worth its price and what buyers will get for their money,and then deliver what you promise.

Offer a guarantee. Offering a 100% guarantee lets the shopper know you stand behind your product. You are telling them that you’re sure they will be satisfied, but if they’re not, you will still provide satisfaction by giving them a refund. It also tells them that you’re not desperate. You know your offer is a good one and will sell. Plus, as a bonus for you, your goodwill and confidence may just bring that unsatisfied customer back to give you another chance with a future offer. Even in a refund instance, you could be building a relationship.

Provide support. Too many marketers online don’t provide good support. Make sure you treat your clients like gold and they will come back to your site and to your services. They could become repeat customers. Don’t disappear once they’ve purchased your product, only contacting them when you want to pitch a product. Have a contact email or support desk. Be reachable to assist them. Also provide tutorials or guides and FAQs when necessary. This extra effort will help them enjoy your product or service and will build their confidence in you.

Give out your name. Don’t be afraid to give out your name. Shoppers will see that a real person runs your business. This will open the way for trust building. Think about it. Who will want to give their hard-earned cash to someone with no face or name? That’s why employees in many stores wear name tags and restaurant wait staff often give their name before serving you. It’s to build trust and make you feel comfortable. It also shows customers that you are confident in your business and your offer. Besides, if you do this, you’ll certainly stand out from the manyonline businesses who currently and purposely do not give out their name.

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Apply these 5 tactics to your online business  and you help the customer choose you over the competition.  You’ll also discover how to get new customers, how to keep customers, and how to increase online sales.


So, how about you? Have you ever chosen or not chosen a product or service due to lack the above actions? Do you already apply these trust-building steps in your business? What’s your experience? Leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to 5 Trust Building Tactics To Get More Customers Online

  1. Hi Louise
    You have listed the fundementals of good business
    seems simple really ,but it is surprising just how many people get it wrong.
    Building trust is a must if you are to make it online the big secret if there is one, is to offer value
    to your potential customers, valueand once they become customers offer even more value “simple really”
    Ps Your blog is looking great
    Well done Louise
    cheers Mick

  2. Hi Mick!
    I think many of us get fooled by the net’s sense of anonymity. We aren’t usually involved in face to face contact, so we don’t think the same rules as offline business apply. But they certainly do. Especially online because of its anonymity! And like you said they are really simple strategies that you can apply that can make all the difference. So, why not?

    Thanks for the feedback on my site. As it turns out, we’ve run into problems and will be changing the themes once again! So, it will be even better.


  3. Hi Louise
    Love the new look of your blog.
    I never buy anything that is ‘anonymous’, I like to know the people I deal with. ‘Faceless’ people don’t inspire confidence.

  4. Hi Dee,
    Thanks for the feedback on the site.

    I agree. I always get someone’s name or business name. But, it’s amazing how many still hide behind some sort of nickname.