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I had an SEO problem


Having a proper SEO strategy is part and parcel of running a blog in today’s competitive internet market. And if you’re like most of us,  you don’t fully know how to do this. That’s OK because we have some people online who do and are classified as the ‘experts’ equipped with teaching us some handy SEO tips and tricks.


I stumbled across such experts a few weeks ago when I was looking for information on content duplication. See, there are a couple blogs who ‘curate’ my content. That is, they curate the wrong way; they copy my content word for word and plop in on their site. (If you want the straight goods on the promised SEO resource, skip to the bottom. If you want to read how this resource helped me, keep on…)


Luckily, these blogs keep my inserted links, including the ones that lead readers back to my site and give me full credit.


But the consolation loses its luster as I read tons of top publications who warn of the harm content duplication can have on your search engine rankings.


What Is SEO?

Now, before I go on, I’ll just describe very briefly (and probably too simply) a bit about SEO. SEO is the part of internet marketing that gets you noticed by search engines as well as readers.


An SEO strategy involves the use of keywords (search terms that people use), post writing and formatting techniques, linking and backlinking, and reader interaction with your content on your blog and beyond.


Now if the scope of SEO doesn’t lead you down the road of confusion once in a while, the fact that search engines like Google and Bing keep perfecting their methods and affecting SEO strategies, will.


Yes. SEO is one tough cookie!


Back to my SEO problem…

But back to my story and how I found a really helpful resource on a white horse. My heroes!


So, these two websites keep scraping my content. I post; they copy and paste; and I keep worrying about what this is doing to my search engine rankings and ultimately, my traffic. Not good.


I also get emails from other blogs, who are also having their posts scraped to these curating sites, asking what we should do about it.


So, I did the most honorable thing. No, I didn’t panic, yell or dig into my secret chocolate stash (I use that as a reward only). I calmly made my way to the sites in question to discover what kind of metal they’re made of. If they’re solid gold, I’d stop worrying; if not, then I would resort to Plan B: contact them and ask them to remove my content.


Well, I didn’t discover solid gold. I also couldn’t activate Plan B as there there wasn’t any contact information.


Traffic to my site was ever increasing and as an online entrepreneur, other duties pulled me away. I eventually put my concern on the back-burner.


UNTIL, I tripped over a little online gem – the Slingshot SEO Ask An Expert YouTube Channel. The channel offers a series of quick little videos on SEO tips and tricks. But the real prize is the Ask The Expert free service they offer.  The videos are actual responses to submitted questions (see the image below).


How to optimize your website


So remembering my SEO duplication issue I left simmering on the back-burner, I headed to their website to decide just how legit these guys and their ‘Ask the Expert’ services were. I found a well designed site with a clear message of who they were and what they offered. Their vision and mission statements say this:


Slingshot SEO Mission

To know more about SEO, and to deliver greater SEO business impact to our clients, than anybody in the world.


Slingshot SEO Vision

To continually lead deserving brands to dominance in the ever-evolving world of search, and to share what we learn with the world.


OK. They had me at ‘Hello’, so to speak!


I didn’t waste any time, I made my way to Slingshot SEO’s Ask An Expert page and asked them whether these copy and paste sites were harming my search engine rankings and my traffic generating efforts. Then, I got sucked back into my work and forgot all about them.


Approximately two weeks later, I received an email with a link to a Youtube video that spoke directly to me and my problem. They didn’t forget about me. Talk about feeling special!!!(I’ll share that video in another post.)


How Slingshot SEO Can Work For You


The point in telling this story is to connect you with this great free SEO resource.


SEO is an essential part of marketing online and it’s a beast to tame. If you are just starting your online business, chances are you are doing a lot of the leg work yourself. Like anything else online and technical, you WILL run into speed bumps once in a while and not being an expert you might not have a solution. Great resources like this help you over the speed bumps and on your way.


When should you use SEO Slingshot’s free service?

  • When you’re not ranking properly for your keywords;
  • When, like me, you have duplication or other ranking related concerns;
  • To learn how to optimize your videos;
  • To learn how to optimize your website;
  • To simply learn free SEO tips.

As long as it’s SEO related, you can use and benefit from this free resource.


So, next time you need SEO assistance:

  1. Go to the Slingshot SEO’s YouTube channel and peruse their SEO help videos. You may just find what you’re looking for.
  2. If not, go to Slingshot SEO’s Ask An Expert page, fill out a few details like your name and email, and submit your question. Remember to be somewhat detailed to get the most out of your solution/answer video.
  3. Get back to work.


Remember, the answer could take some time. I waited just over 2 weeks for a reply. But it was well worth the wait.


SEO is a big subject and a temperamental one at that. So if you have questions about your SEO strategy, are confused, or find you’re not getting the traffic your should, visit ‘Slingshot SEO’s’ Youtube channel for some expert SEO tips and tricks or try out the ‘Ask An Expert’ service. I highly recommend it.


Have you heard of Slingshot SEO before? Would this service be useful for you? Do you know of another great SEO or online resource that help entrepreneurs get unstuck? Let’s talk!



photo credit: ElitePete via photopin cc




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11 Responses to SEO Tips and Tricks Dear Abby Style – Free Resource

  1. I actually met a guy a few weeks ago on Twitter who just started working for Slingshot SEO. I took a look at their website and immediately thought that it looked like a wealth of knowledge. I still have to go through it–and now their YouTube channel. Great post!

  2. Thanks Louise great post. I am going to check out the videos.

  3. Angie, that’s so cool! They really seem like a straight-up business. Good at what they do and good customer service. That’s why I had to write about them. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Jean. You’ll probably see my reply video. I’ll write about that too…Thanks for the feedback.

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  6. Hi Louise
    Great and interesting post. That is plain theft if someone uses your work.

    Some people are so lazy that they will not research and write for themselves.

    Well I will take a look at this and see what it is all about.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

  7. Hello Sue! Hopefully their linking back to me is to my advantage. But do take a look. I’m sure you’ll find their YT channel very helpful. Thanks for visiting. It’s been a while :)

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  9. Very interesting! Had no idea there were SEO experts that could answer our questions. So sorry to hear about the copy and paste issue… hope it was resolved!

  10. I just left it as my site is strong enough not to be mistaken as a duplicate. The problem with duplicates, according to search engines, they are red flags for possible spammy sites. Prior to implementing stricter and more complex processes, online marketers use to use all kinds of underhanded tricks to get traffic and duplicating content was one of them – considered spammy behaviour. See the post ‘Stolen Posts…‘ to see how Slingshot SEO addressed my concern.

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