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Today, guest author Stevie Clapton discusses getting the most of out of your social media campaigns in order to truly connect with your market and get them to follow you!


Online Social Networking Tips For Good Social Media Marketing

Since its rise in popularity, social media has gone from an interesting, but underwhelming marketing method, to the bread and butter of many businesses. Today, more than one billion people across the world use social media in some capacity, and this provides a huge opportunity to businesses that are looking to expand. However, social media marketing can be very different than other, more typical forms of advertising,  which leaves many businesses without the know-how, unable to capitalize on the opportunity in front of them. If you are looking to improve your social media marketing efforts, take the five following tips into consideration.


Organization is Key

If you are going to be maximizing your social media marketing  efforts, you are going to have to use all of the platforms that are available to you. Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the host of other social networks, it can be difficult to properly manage your accounts and track your progress. Luckily, there are now dozens of tools that can help you to do so. Some tools allow you to monitor stats on all of your accounts, post updates across them all simultaneously, and even schedule updates well into the future. Organization is a key for efficient social media marketing efforts.


Actually Interact

Don’t just look at your account as a way for you to update your followers when you release a new product, update your blog, or have some business related announcement. Social media provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with individuals that are interested in the products or services that you provide, and actually make a personal connection with them. When they feel like they are being sold to, they will be much less likely to respond favorably.


Freebies Create Followers

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You should attempt to offer something free to your followers and friends on social media platforms as often as you possibly can. The free items that you offer should provide value to your readers, even if that value is relatively minimal. Good options for free content that can be offered at no cost to you or your business  include eBooks that are related to your industry, free downloads, and in-depth reports about aspects of your industry.


Consistency Builds Accounts

Social media isn’t something that you can pick up and set aside once every week. If you want to build a solid following on social media, you need to be consistently updating your accounts. No one wants to follow an account that has two or three updates per month – they want to follow someone that is going to consistently provide them with interesting  tweets or status updates, and keep them up to date on the latest happenings within their industry.


Be Personable

It’s much easier to get people to respond to you when they believe that there is a real person operating the account, and not just some automated company account. Be as personable as possible, and consider using your own personal photo for your social media accounts to let people know that it is an employee of the company operating the account, and not a team of PR professionals split testing different click  through rates.


(Bonus Tip) Save Money!

When doing online marketing, people usually fork up a ton of money. Social media can get honest words around free, and fast! No need to take out the usual personal short term loans or set aside funding from the savings. Social media is a network of free multiplication, not the sum of wasted money.


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