5 Ways to Be More Personable and Interactive With Your Followers


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Get More Personable and Interactive With Your Followers

Nowadays Facebook and Twitter are not just the two most popular social networking sites, but also the main marketing tools to boost any business inside, and outside of the World Wide Web. There is no company too small, or too big that does not benefit from social media marketing; and even independent professionals such as sales agents, realtor’s, doctors and more can achieve better results in the development of their activities by simply implementing a good social media campaign. You must not be left aside by the social marketing boom, so the sooner you understand the importance of becoming more personable and interactive  with your followers, the bigger your business success.


Do Not Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Diversify a little! Let your market find you. Your main goal in social media is getting people you want to reach to “add you,” “like you,” or “follow you.” Therefore, make sure to build a social profile in more than one social network, particularly in those that are actually the big winners of this trend: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+, mainly to keep up the interactivity between you and your market.


Work Diligently to Get New Followers

Depending on your target audience, one social networking site can be a more effective marketing tool for you than another. However, it is necessary to spend some time every day to get more followers by promoting yourself actively. All marketing campaigns have a percentage of non-captive audience that may follow you by inertia. So increasing your number of follower’s every day, keeps a steady flow of public you can be personable with and ready to listen to your sales pitch.


Use, Do Not Abuse of Social Tools

One of the secrets to be permanently in touch with people that follow you through the different social networking sites is using online tools such as HootSuite, Twitter Feed, and many other automated solutions to manage your social profiles and schedule automatic messages that make people believe you are always on for them. However, this schema is usually overused, and often your followers will catch on and systematically begin to ignore your messages.


Be Personal and Interactive

The only way to be more personable and interactive with your followers is to personally post regularly. You do not need to spend all day long chatting with your followers, but if you show that your posts are live comments, you will earn credibility and loyal followers. Reply personally to people that post a comment on your profile, ask a question to a random follower, and show that you are a real person, and not just a marketing strategy behind a name.


Stay Up To Date

Humans are not machines that post the same sales copy every day, disguised as a clever comment, so be human to add interactivity to your social media profile and attract more followers. As a human, spread the word about the latest event or the news, no matter if they do not directly benefit your plans, but make you gain credibility as a person who really interacts in the different social networking sites.


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